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Jin Wu Hongye Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. was founded in 1997, specialized in metal processing, metal machinery design and manufacture, have their professional strengths and technology, leading in the peer level, more than 10 years has been the introduction of foreign advanced technology, improve the traditional production process, to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency for the purpose. Bring considerable economic benefits for the company.

Drilling machine
Needle grinding machine
Automatic welding equipment
Needle machine
Bar straightener
Rubbing machine
Hollow tube capillary straightening machineHollow tube capillary straightening machine Stainless steel straightening machineStainless steel straightening machine   Straightening machine JWTZ-2 typeStraightening machine JWTZ-2 type
Automatic feeding frameAutomatic feeding frame   Stainless steel hollow tubeStainless steel hollow tube
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